About Us

E3 HPCE (High Performance Computing Equipment) is a first class, service-oriented retailer of all things cryptocurrency mining, specifically enterprise class, multi-megawatt mining farms. 


Through the process of discovery and working through the critical thinking stages identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats involved to order equipment to build our own multi-megawatt mining farm we discovered some large problems.


The largest threat was identifying which entity we were going to hand millions of dollars and trust that we would receive our products.  Then, once we found our source, would there be any miners in stock?  And if so, how long was it going to take to receive these highly-prized money generating machines from China?  


Another issue, during the time we were researching, the price of Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Miners tripled in price.  With the high-risk comes the high-reward and we were willing to move forward at the inflated pricing, however there was still the volatility and large hills and troughs of the market value of cryptocurrency, the uncertainty of what governments were going to do with regulations and legality to trade and mine cryptocurrency. We decided we certainly needed a much faster return on investment. 

Through our credible international contacts we sourced a team to build and brand our own ASIC Miners. 


What value do we offer?  Significantly faster ROI. ASICs in stock and ready to ship.  Our production capacity is 20,000 a month. They are of the highest quality, and are tested and proven. 


If this isn’t enough value, we also offer all other ASIC miner brands for purchase and supply all additional ancillary equipment needed to build and maintain the mining farms.  

Why buy other brands from us? We have developed solid relationships with secondary market providers of ASICs. They are able to ship immediately in stock miners in the large numbers, often for less due to buying futures contracts.






3122 Nealy Way,

Longview, TX 75605