Secret IRS Files


Any more Questions ?¿

Warren Buffett

Jeff Bezos

Elon Musk

End of Lesson !
Class Dismissed !
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P.S - Before any 🧠less 🐑pss start 👏ing at any of these Wealthy "gentlemen" and their "charitable" acts for a country or the other... 

Take a deep breath...

And try to think...

If "one" that has a Wealth Growth of $13,900,000,000.00 Billions, has a Total Income Reported of $1,520,000,000.00 Billion and paid in Total Taxes 450,000,000.00 Millions, with a True Tax Rate of 3.27% sends Tech in countries that are of interest for so many reasons you would 🤢🤮🤢 ...

Who's paying for the Tech ?!?

Me... You... My Momma... Your Momma !!!

End of story !!!

Use your 🧠 folks !!!

Use your 🧠 !!!

You already have it, it's almost FREE 😉 🤣 🙂